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Since the middle of last century, a long story to tell. A history of human values and great entrepreneurs that began in 1946, starring a 14 year old boy who, armed with passion and good will, goes to “learn the craft” according to the custom of the time  first from the carpenter of his town and then from a master cabinet-maker several miles away.
At age 21 the turning point: starting his own business and creating a small carpentry shop. Not much money and a lot of expertise and a spirit of sacrifice.
The years go by, the shop has grown slowly, realizing the dream of that guy in love with wood, that living and noble matter that, even when transformed into a piece of furniture, continues to exist in harmony with the environment surrounding it.

That carpentry shop is today supported by a structure of over 2000 square meters of show room where you will find both exclusive creations and furniture solutions by the best companies on the market.
That old passion was inherited by his son Mario, owner of the company, who while continuing to work in the tradition of woodworking, has provided the company with a study of interior design that offers all-round solutions, taking care of the initial phase of building works, to the choice of colours and materials, up to furnishing accessories.
In summary, innovation, but also continuity, today very few companies have behind such a wealth of experience, the shop did not, as in many situations, replace the carpentry shop which is, with the design studio, its natural evolution.