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Villa on the Turin hillside



Place: Torino

In a beautiful location, we designed and realised, together with the clients, a décor aimed at creating their dream home.

All the rooms, starting from the entrance, continuing into the splendid living room that winds its way towards the kitchen, ending up in the sleeping area, have been designed to have a harmony and an overarching theme that allows you to move from one room to another without any discontinuity in the style but with characterising elements that ensure the décor is never boring or repetitive.

We aimed to create the effect of a good book with the woodwork, which captures your attention and keeps you reading because it is intriguing. In the same way, those who enter this house are attracted by a thousand details and stimulated to discover new ones: luminous mirrors with diamond-shaped screen printings that also follow the carved boiserie, panels that open or slide concealing doors and passageways and that frame the large windows providing a breathtaking view of the city.

The graceful and frivolous soul of the boiserie, which is most effectively expressed in the particular shape of the peninsula, are in harmony with the aggressiveness of the steel of the professional home appliances.

In the sleeping area the rhombuses give way to the soft squares of the bedroom and the setting becomes more discreet but no less intriguing, especially if you linger in the walk-in closet where every small space is fully exploited and everything finds its ideal location enhanced by mirrors, showcases and plays of light.